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Cesar Diaz

César Díaz is a Profesional Animator since 16 years ago. He Started in 1994 as a 2D animador.He has worked in more than 40 cartoons series for TV, and several feature Films:
O Apostolo (Stop motion), Famous Fred, by Joanna Quinn (2D),El sueño de una noche de San Juan (3D),or CID the Legend (2D).

From 2001 starts to make independent Stop motion shorts films with Puppets, sand, and objects, participating and winning awards in festivals around the World:

-“Documentales Animados”- Object animation - 2002
-“Arroz pegao” – Clay animation - 2004
-“En Tierra”-Sand animation - 2006
-“Cocina Salvaje”-Object animation -2006
-“No corras tanto”- Sand animation-2009
-“Atormenta”- Sand animation-2009

His latest shorts “No corras tanto/Take it easy” and “Atormenta” has made him one of the best entertainers in the world with stop motion sand animation technique.
Recently worked for 14 mounths in the stop motion Feature film with puppets "O Apostolo", working alongside people from the team of Coraline, Fantastic mister Fox or Aardman.
While still with animations Works in Commercials, Film credits, Music videos, and.Shorts films
Cesar also is a professional musician.

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