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Srdjan Rodic

22.6.1978. I was born in Sarajevo in Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia
1985. I've entered elementary school “Ahmet Fetahagić” in Sarajevo
1992. – 2001. Ive lived in Zagreb, Croatia where I finished elementary school and high school called “Technical School of Ruđer Bošković” and gained a diploma for Technician for Computers in year 1997. Same year Ive entered the “Faculty of Mining, Geology and Oil engineering” in section of Oil engineering, where Ive finished 2 years of 4 and then quit
2001. Ive entered “Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo” and studied with prof. Pašović
2002. "Will you please be quite, please?" by Raymond Carver - theater play
2002. Space: "A pit hall", Working process: "Black&White Photography", Rhythm: "Table tennis" - film exercises
2003. "Resignement" - film exercise
2004. Ive proceeded studying with prof. Žalica
2005. "Zoo story" by Edvard Albee - theater play
2005. Close-up: "Faces", Chase: "A Death Dance", Quot: "Fuck up", Documentary film: "Invisible man" - film exercises
2005. 24th Day of Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, assistant director
2006. "Anti-gonna" by Sofokles - theater play
2006. Erotics: "Earthquake", Politics: "Contra post", film exercises
2006. Diploma promotion day in Sarajevo University, director of show
2007. Documentary film: 25 Years of Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo 2007. Educational show “No problem” for elementary school viewers, director
2008. 7th Annual Award for young actors, director of a show
2008. Diploma short fiction movie “You are not alone” about Bosnia&Herzegovina joining European Union through a theme of a marriage proposal
2009. Documentary film “Rah met”, author with Amra Catovic
2009. 17.3. I've graduated on a movie “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” and theoretic work “Creative use of video and film formats in a feature movies” and I have received a diploma for DIRECTING at the “Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo”
I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina.

Short film credits

Director, Screenwriter

Nisi Sama

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Oct 2008 | 19:49
Muharem follows Zoe home from a dance. He proposes her to marry him and leave in London, but she refuses. He arranges a meeting in Sarajevo.
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