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Jacques-Henri Bronckart

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Belgium | Mar 2007 | 23:00
Amaury Athanam is a stagman who lives a secluded life. He can no longer stand the way he looks and wants to put an end to his depressing existence.


Ni oui ni nom

Belgium | Jan 2007 | 28:00
An ordinary Sunday morning.

The parents, Paul and Estelle, would like to stay in bed.

The children, Camille and Louise, grow impatient and argue...


Belgium | Mar 2006 | 10:00
The unexpected meeting of a lonely woman, a young boy and a shaman, whose paths will cross and slip away in a labyrinthic world of unresolved mystery.
Image from Alice et moi

Alice et moi

Belgium | 2004 | 19:00
Simon has to drive his old aunt Mala and two of her friends, Lydia and Colette, to the seaside. While driving, he argues with his girlfriend Alice ove...
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