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Suman Bhattacharyya

Suman Bhattacharyya appears to be a common man who can hide himself easily into a crowd but what have made him exception are his creative eyes with ever-rotating mind, which has made him to make well-acclaimed short films like ‘TAURUS (The Bull)’ and ‘THE BROKEN GLASS (An idiotic idea)’. This film when screened at National or International festivals has standing applauses everywhere.
His 2nd short film ‘THE BROKEN GLASS (An idiotic idea)’ though has been made on a rather serious tone but never loosing the touch of humor, in case of hearty appreciation in National and International film festivals, the story is of no difference.
Suman has not been exercised his talent only in making short films. His concept and screenplay were behind various popular fiction and non-fiction serials telecasted through well-reputed television channels.He has made some documentaries for Eastern Railway, INDIA and managed the documentation of 250 years of Battle of Palashi &150 years of Sepoy Mutiny in India. Now, to pay his homage to his mentor of Photography he is now making a documentary on Mr. Benu Sen, the world renowned Art Photographer.
In respect of on screen and on stage performance, Suman has also put his signature of talent and his performances on these fields have highly been appreciated by well-reputed critics. It is really a pleasant experience for the viewers to watch his creativity on stage.
Suman’s mastery on such various fields has certainly into base on well-routed academic qualification as he has been graduated from Calcutta University in Bio-Science having a vivid knowledge of Animation and Graphic Designing and Editing with Three years Advance Diploma in Photography.In his 36 years of age(Born in 1972), Suman has seen much and able enough to communicate his experience and realization to others through the medium where he has already proved his excellence.

Short film credits

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Writer (Original story), Actor
Image from The Broken Glass (An Idiotic Idea)

The Broken Glass (An Idiotic Idea)

India | Feb 2008 | 11:32
The protagonist of this film is deferent from others. But he is a ‘MAD’ in the eyes of the society. He always finds broken glasses and tries to give a...
Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Art Director
Image from Taurus (Bul-ti/Bold/Vrisharashi)

Taurus (Bul-ti/Bold/Vrisharashi)

India | 2007 | 14:42
Consumerism – a new virus was born after the ruins of humanity on 6th Aug 1945 at Hiroshima City. Globalisation, the by-product of Consumerism is maki...
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