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Marc-Olivier Louveau

Marc-Olivier Louveau began his carrier as a scriptwriter for the cinema and television. He also works as a script doctor for films.
He has had books published : CHOC DES CULTURES (Culture Shock) in 1997 and CONTES ASIATIQUES (Asian Tales) in 2OO1. THE STATUE WICH ATE ROCKS in 2OO7. TAYI, THE LITTLE FISHER (Asian Tales) for November 2OO8.
He has directed commercials, documentaries and short films.
He is a professor and an expert of the martial art: Viet Vu Dao (Vietnamese).
He has created his own school in Paris : l' Ecole de Viet Vu Dao du Soleil Levant (The School of the Rising Sun).
A documentary project on the Vietnamese martial arts, "Les Fils du Vent"(Sons of the Wind), allowed him to combine his two passions: cinema and Asia. While preparing a short film in 2002, Hand on Heart, a Master of calligraphy gave him his pseudonym Lou Ma Ho (he who spreads the words of Confucius in the Occident).
In 2005/2006, his short film "L'Eveil du Moine" (A Monk's Awakening), received numerous awards and was selected at many film festivals worldwide. In 2006 he directs the short film NICO and in 2008 the middle feature film DEAD CELL (Cellule Morte).
In 2008, he founds the first European Spiritual Film Festival which has taken place at Paris in April.
At the moment, he is preparing his first feature length film as director : THE MEANDERINGS OF THE MEKONG.

Short film credits


Cellule Morte

France | Feb 2008 | 30:00
A young woman awakes in a cell. She has done nothing wrong to be there. She will discover that she is only guilty to have done nothing.
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