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Peter Coukis

Video director, editor and composer who has been working in the found footage medium for several years, Peter aka Peters has through trial and error, appropriated stock footage, public domain short film excerpts and combined it with original editing techniques and sequencing of frames with the addition of (often eerie) music and found photos, in the manner of an "outside artist" to create his unique style: a multimedia mix: antique photos, sexploitation, fetish clips from the 1930s to the 60s, and electronically manipulated sounds, bizarre music and light pop. He records his soundtracks on the computer.
Most of his films explore the psychology of sex, and often include religious imagery (Virgin Mary statues, Vintage church interiors, Medieval Religious paintings) combining it with vintage nude photos (always of women) and clips from old peep shows and stag films to make a statement about his own feelings about the films subject matter.

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There are no short films credited to this person.
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