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Adriana Vazquez

Adriana Vázquez, born in Guadalajara Jalisco on November 20, 1984, holds a degree in International Business, master's degree in Administration, which conducted research on cultural enterprises and its economic impact on the city of Guadalajara, as a thesis project.
From the 2012 works in the audiovisual producer Kultu Films, managing producer and developing creative projects both in production and direction.
2012 collaborated in the production of the documentary Ayer y Hoy, feature length documentary that recounts the situation of pottery craftsmen currently living in the municipalities of Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. In 2013 with the Orquesta Infantil Mixteca project, won support from Pacmyc to run short documentary film that narrates the life and traditions of the Mixtec migrants in Guadalajara.
In 2014 was executive producer of the documentary Troker, y la banda del Automóvil Gris, chronicling the process of a group of local musicians to put music to a silent film in Mexico in 1919, which was presented at several festivals in Latin America with Europe. In 2015 with the support of Pacmyc again, he directed a short documentary, Temporada de Pitayas, which deals with the life of a family that, from generation to generation, have followed in the harvest and sale of pitayas.

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