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Roxana Radeanu

Roxana Radeanu has a bachelor degree in Management. Her thesis was focused on the importance the cultural project management can have as a tool in the economic development of a city. Giving her knowledge in project management and her being a movie buff, she then followed a master’s degree in Film Production. During the master’s degree she has been executive producer, production manager, production assistant on several short film projects, her most successful one being “In the House” which holds several international and national awards and nominations. She has several other projects which had been awarded and some which are ready to see the lights of the festivals.
Roxana is enthusiastic about organizing and managing all types of resources, being a sociable person and also having enough patience to face the bureaucracy, she is the best person to count on when it comes to the complexity of film production. One of her main interests is discovering new ideas, stories, artists, people who she can help bring in front of the proper public.

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