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Laura Van Haecke

As a kid once in awhile I transformed into another character. Every movie I saw, every book I read, I was living in another world. I spent hours in front of the mirror doing roleplaying. When I decided to do filmschool instead of taking acting classes, my surroundings were kind off surprised, they always believed I was going to stand in front of the camera. During my painting classes at high school, I was often disappointed that the story you tell while painting only has one frame. In my opinion the story wasn’t finished and I was craving to tell more about the setting. During the years at filmschool, I got triggered by the documentary way of telling stories. I still put a realistic and psychological touch in the fiction projects I make.

Short film credits


Seul à Seule

Belgium | Jul 2016 | 21:27
During his quest, Maxim, a young twenty-year old, gets accompanied by his sister who acts neglectful towards his search for identity.
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