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Subhajit Dasgupta

Subhajit Dasgupta, who hails from India, and has written, produced and directed the short film Chimes, may be working in Bangalore as a techie for a living, but he has had only one enduring passion since childhood, and that is cinema. Born and brought up in South Kolkata, in a culturally vibrant environment, he has been an avid movie buff from a very early age, and even now, nothing gives him more pleasure and satisfaction than watching, writing and making films. After doing B-tech in Electronics from IIT-Kharagpur followed by a Masters in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz, he worked for a few years in US before taking up a job with a multi-national firm in Bangalore. Totally self-trained and constantly learning on the job, he has embarked on his journey as a filmmaker and is in the process of refining his craft by making short films , which he considers as his most favorite medium of creativity and self-expression. His aspiration is to continue making films, both in the long and short format, tell meaningful and entertaining stories with a unique style and sensibility of his own. He considers the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray , as his biggest inspiration. The other filmmakers who inspire him and whose style he claims he generously borrows from are Woody Allen, Luis Bunuel, Ang Lee and Francois Truffaut. He is also an ardent admirer of the French New Wave and enjoys the work of many of the contemporary filmmakers in India.

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India | Jun 2015 | 21:00
An ordinary day of house hunting turns bizarre, for the Sanyals as they realize that the house has a mind of its own.
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