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Marina Bruno

Writing, directing, producing, and acting in her own films, Marina Bruno has starting filmmaking at a young age. Marina Bruno was born on April 14, 1995. Daughter of an Argentinean filmmaker, she has been immersed in the film arts since the age of 3, when she made her first movie entitled "Dinosaur" using her toys and a home video camera. In the fall of 2005, Marina played a supporting role in her father's 2-hour feature film "In April". Marina made her first official short film "Run" in the summer of 2011. Some of the production was filmed in Los Angeles, California. In the next years Marina wrote, directed, produced and edited 6 new short films. She now recently finished filming her first feature film "Cotton String", which she will be editing during the winter of 2014.

Short film credits


Waste of a Fall

Canada | Dec 2014 | 6:00
While strolling along in the forest, a girl finds herself being followed by a man with seemingly hostile intent.

Up a Blind Estate

Canada | Mar 2014 | 5:36
A real estate agent finds himself in a perilous situation when he catches a thief in the property he's inspecting.

Chocolate Milkshake

Canada | Jan 2014 | 30:07
Young Luigi is on his journey to find an enigmatic Harry Connors for reasons that appear to be immoral and criminal. Although uncertain with his own d...

Short Circuit

Canada | Oct 2013 | 5:09
A bad driver finds himself being bullied after offering to lend a hand.


United States | Dec 2012 | 32:54
Living in poor conditions, Tia is forced to hang out with her lame friends Marian and Penny who don't understand the true meaning of having fun. When ...

Civil War

Canada | Aug 2012 | 8:58
A man, living alone in a cabin in woodland, suddenly gets fired at by an unknown enemy after deciding to blow a little blue bird to pieces.
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