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Ava Tong's creative juices began flowing quite late in her in life at age 23 during her years at San Francisco State University. She was a drummer in the Ating Tao Drum Circle and began learning to play the kulintang around the same time. One of her college professors required her to attend a show at a little known blackbox theater in San Francisco called Bindlestiff Studio. This the place where Ava's creativity began to evolve and thrive beginning in 2006. Acting, standup comedy, writing and directing were just a few areas she dabbled in. She had written a short play, "Not Quite Unrequited," that became a part of a show called "Stories High: 10th Anniversary Edition" in 2008. Consequently, she was the director of a short play called "Non-Sequiturs" by Cathlin Goulding that was also in the the same show.

It wasn't until 2012 that Ava developed her interest in filmmaking. As a favor, she became an Assistant Director for an independent filmmaker friend, Matthew Abaya, on his first feature film, "Vampariah." This was the learning experience that changed her life. In less than a year, Ava felt confident enough to make her first short film. She never attended film school, rather, she just wanted to dive right in and learn along the way.

In addition to filmmaking, Ava's first love was always comedy. She had co-founded an all-female, Asian American comedy troupe, Granny Cart Gangstas, with Aureen Almario. The troupe consists of 14 members. Together, they collaboratively write their own sketch comedy and make a few Youtube videos when time allows.The making of the Youtube videos gives Ava the chance to put her filmmaking skills to good use. They have performed as guest artists in the community and have held 2 sketch comedy shows of their own to date and both have been sold out shows. Ava is looking forward to making a feature film someday, in which the story will definitely be a comedy piece.

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Director, Producer
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