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Damien Megherbi

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France | May 2016 | 20:14
On Reunion Island, Cassandre, a 12 year old girl, has just lost her father. One morning, she runs away on her own in direction of the Circus of Mafate...

Les Êtres du Brouillard

France | May 2016 | 8:16
In a world pervaded by fog, humans can no longer see. Neither the landscapes around us, nor their bodies. A young woman looks for her own face.
Image from 17 Rue Fouad

17 Rue Fouad

France | Aug 2015 | 32:29
During the Egyptian revolution, Edouard, an old shoe seller from Armenie, observes Alexandrie's inhabitants from his shop on Fouad Street.
Image from L'homme de Ma Vie

L'homme de Ma Vie

France | Apr 2015 | 25:00
Si Marie croit qu'elle va s'en sortir aussi facilement après lui avoir piqué Eric, elle se trompe. Alice n'a beau avoir que treize ans, il y a deux ch...


France | Feb 2015 | 4:20
The cage bird dreams of clouds.
Image from Sur la Pointe des Pieds

Sur la Pointe des Pieds

France | Jan 2015 | 11:56
C’est l’anniversaire d’Elias, trente ans. L’occasion pour lui de célébrer son éclatante réussite professionnelle. Sauf qu’en coulisse, son couple se d...
Image from Tornistan


France | Apr 2014 | 3:00
June 2013. Demonstrators occupy Istanbul's Taksim Gezi park . While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, the turkish TV broadcasts do...
Image from Ma Rencontre

Ma Rencontre

France | Apr 2013 | 4:00
A man encounters his decade older self.
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