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Alex Zajicek

I grew up with a love for hearing and telling stories. From the moment I got a camera, I began to make short films, and when I got my first computer, I immediately taught myself to animate, all while writing stories in my spare time. This passion followed me throughout my school years until college came along, and after much debating, I decided to pursue a degree in Film at California College of the Arts. I have since been studying the medium of film almost nonstop.

Short film credits

Image from Non and Een

Non and Een

United States | Dec 2013 | 1:21
Non, an alien, decides to go to another planet to spice up his life.


United States | Dec 2013 | 6:20
Kyle, a film student, gets obsessed with making his movie as 'HD' as possible, to the point that it begins to have an adverse effect on his work and h...
Image from Fan


United States | Oct 2013 | 0:37
A hot day pushes a guy to his limits.
Image from The Director

The Director

United States | Jun 2013 | 7:14
A controlling director loses his ability to control others when he gets a sudden ear infection.
Image from Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister

United States | Apr 2013 | 1:45
A brother and sister (and their friends) argue over political correctness.
Image from This Is What Happened

This Is What Happened

United States | Dec 2012 | 5:58
Two friends try and remember who ate the last slice of pizza.
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