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Rob Romero

Born in Rockford, Illinois, Rob is one of eight children of Higinio and Josephine Romero. As a child growing up, he enjoyed going to the movies with his mom. He enjoyed this because he did not hang out with other kids his age because he felt like an outcast. You would never know it today but Rob lived a very shy life. It was not until he would meet his wife Lori in 1991, that he would begin to break out of his shell. She was his driving force to tackle his shyness! She convinced him while working for Ring Container as a forklift driver and at UPS as an air package employee, to seek the position of a Supervisor. Since she knew he did a great job and that if he was promoted to a leadership position, this would be the best ammunition to break his shyness barrier. He applied himself and was promoted as supervisor at both of his jobs. As he began to lead employees, the wall of shyness soon fell. It was during this time of his life that he would try acting. In 1994, his sister approached him about helping her on a school class project, this project was a commercial and this excited him . He would portray multiple characters' in her class project called 'Robbie's Baby Bath System' and this project earned an 'A' in the class. In 2003, Rob would act in various safety videos for the Rockford UPS Air ramp facility. By bringing certain safety topics to film, it helped the employees to receive the safety message the corporation stressed out in visual form. Rob is now the Warehouse Manager at Ring and is the father of 5 children, from 4 to 19 years old. The oldest is Rob's biological child. Four children were proudly adopted from the foster care system. Rob and his wife Lori are foster parents in Illinois, since, 2004. In 2010, Rob would meet film maker Travis Legge via Facebook, Mr. Legge would allow Rob to portray a zombie in the short film 'Widdershins'. After playing the role of a zombie, Rob caught the acting bug with a deep passion. Now Rob is an actor, writer and casting

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