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Dmitriy Kupovih

Dmitry O. Kupovih (born October 7, 1984, Moscow, Russia) is a Russian film producer, critic and director.

His professional career in film industry began in 2006, when, together with the documentary film director Sergey Tyutin, he established the Artkino film club. The Artkino grew eventually into one of the most important projects aimed at suppporting the young enthusiasts of independent and arthouse filmmaking. The Club’s presentation to the international film community took place in 2011 at the 64th Cannes Film Festival.

The Artkino project (2006-12), included a film school, an annual short film festival, a production company, a distribution company, book publishing, and more.

Career Highlights:
2006 – 2012: headed the Artkino Film School and the Artkino Master Class project
2008 – 2012: served as a producer of the Artkino Festival of Auteur Short Films.
2008 – 2012: producer of the Artkino film company and the Artkino distribution company.
2006 – 2012: tought the following courses the courses at the Artkino film club: The History of Film Language; Film Dramaturgy; and Film Montage.
2010 – present: teaches the course Auteur Cinema at the Academy of Communications «Wordshop» (in the context of Yuri Grymov’s and Igor Voloshin’s workshops for film directors and Yuri Korotkov’s script writing workshop).

In September 2012, Dmitry Kupovih organized his own independent project, the Studio Dmitriy Kupovih "Svobodnoe kino", which specializes on film education and production. In his new Studio, he reads his own course Film Analysis: Modern Film Language (21st century). He also teaches at various private schools aimed at preparing film directors.

Short film credits

Image from Судьба На Замену

Судьба На Замену

Russia | Nov 2013 | 18:26
Maxim is a person with positive attitude to the fate which loves him too. But even fate has a vacation. And will the one who replaces Maxim's fate pro...
Image from Решиться На...

Решиться На...

Russia | Apr 2013 | 10:34
Maxim loves extreme sports. It seems like he is afraid of nothing. Maxim has a girlfriend, Zoya. They have together enjoyed a series of mind boggling ...
Image from Метафора


Russia | Jan 2013 | 10:14
A man has to make a choice. He is an artist and paints a portrait of the girl who once again criticized his work. What decision will the artist to do ...
Image from Арена


Russia | Sep 2012 | 21:32
It is Moscow. Arena. There is a cruel labyrinth of courtyard which is impossible to escape. There are three of them: Uzbek guy and two policemen. They...
Image from Через Москву

Через Москву

Russia | Aug 2012 | 6:16
A young man comes to the business office for a very important meeting.
Image from Погружение В Огонь

Погружение В Огонь

Russia | Apr 2012 | 17:36
1915. Near the city of Mush, the Ottoman Empire. Times of destruction of the Armenians. Turkish soldier (Aydin) comes to the house of an Armenia famil...
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