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Bertie Brosnan

Bertie Brosnan is a native of Co. Kerry Ireland. His acting career began with the Gaiety School of Acting and has also trained in the Stella Adler studio in Los Angeles, Lee Strasberg studio in West Hollywood and Improv Olympic Hollywood. Bertie began his professional acting career in theatre productions before branching out into short and feature length films. While working on projects such as 'Guerrilla','Chemical 13' and the popular Irish television series 'Maru' a talent for writing, directing and producing in tandem with his acting soon emerged. This talent began to bear its first fruits in a short called 'Oh the Accent' which was selected for two film festivals in Ireland and was aired on Planet Three television in LA. More recently he has brought his experience in directing and acting into a teaser trailer for a feature length film 'A Jailer's Tale' which will be shot on location at the historic Kilmainham Jail in Dublin City later this year. After a successful fund raising drive earlier this year Bertie has realized a long time ambition of shooting and bringing to the screen a visionary tale under the working title 'Jacob Wrestling With The Angel'. As he holds a residency permit Bertie spends his time between Ireland and the USA.

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