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Dimitra Stavropoulou

I am archeologist-filmmaker with specialization in script/screen writing. I have experience in short films, puppet design and animation & interactivity. I speak English quite good. I am interested in creating shows production and I have participate in many short films as creative and technical coefficient. I am able to communicate effectively and have good interpersonal relationships as part of a team; such as archaeological excavations or film-making crews. I have the ability to manage time effectively and prioritize work in a time efficient manner. I like to
take initiatives. For example, I took place in a dance & theater group in order to learn more ways of expression useful to my career. I participated in a Summer School workshop in Serbia and also I took place at Erasmus exchange program in Leeds of UK. Show that I can creatively develop my skills experience and adapt in new and different environments.

To conclude, in my short experience in film-making, I managed some experimental films; some films, which touch the farce and romance comedy. Furthermore, I include in my film-making a documentary about a homeless; topic that influence strongly my script writings. Moreover, I have attended lectures and workshops of 3D and 2D handmade and digital animation, as I am interested in this field.

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