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Anamaria Chioveanu

Anamaria Chioveanu was born in February 1985 and is currently a masters student specializing in film directing at the University of Film and Drama “I.L.Caragiale”. In high-school she took acting lessons, hoping to become an actor. In the same time she started taking pictures with her father’s old camera. She interrupted her studies in Romania for a year to become an exchange student in Switzerland, where she studied Arts and became familiar for the first time with a video camera.
After the exchange year she returned to Romania and graduated the German “J.W. von Goethe” high-school, receiving a German Diploma.
She took the exam for the University of Film and Drama “I.L.Caragiale” and passed it from the first time. That is when she became a film-directing student, graduating in 2008. Her films got numerous selections and awards and made her travel to many festivals and workshops. Most notably she went to the Discovery Training Campus in Timisoara, she participated to the Film Producers Training taught by Rebecca Knapp and was selected as one of the two photojournalists for the Nisimazine workshop for IDFA 2008.

Short film credits

Director, Writer (Original story)

Lungul drum spre casa

Romania | Dec 2008 | 20:00
It’s late at night in one of Bucharest’s ill-famed neighborhoods. Diana is waiting for the last bus. But the bus is not coming any more and she doesn’...


Romania | 2007 | 14:00
Sanziana and Vlad were best friends in high-school, but haven't met since then. Now they have one night. A magical night, when some usual objects are ...
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