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Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a secondary school teacher in Barbados, who in 2000 had his first taste of video production when he produced corporate audio-visual material for local and international organisations including the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Motivated by this experience, Ian joined forces with a group of colleagues on the island to form an organization whose mission was to assist in the development of Barbados’ fledgling film industry. For the next six years he used his experience and unique perspective as an educator to source and curate audio-visual material, as well as produce several original educational films. It was also as part of this team that Ian assisted on the production of award-winning Barbadian film, A Hand Full of Dirt, where he first met Producer, Lisa Harewood.

Ian eventually stepped out on his own to focus entirely on documentary video and has gone on to produce several documentaries which hold at their core a desire to give a voice to minority groups on the fringes of Barbadian society. He has worked to bring the previously untold experiences of the incarcerated, the migrant community and transsexual sex workers to light.

Never a believer in the saying "Those who can't, teach", Ian retains his passion for the classroom and plans to continue to produce work linking his two loves, education and film. He is currently in the development stages on a series of short educational films tied to the curriculum that will assist educators and students in the region and beyond in delivering their teaching outcomes.

Ian reunited with Lisa Harewood in 2012 to produce her directorial debut, Auntie.

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