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Megan Ehrhart

Manageable Nightmares

Embracing surreal imagery that haunted me in my youth, the work I create searches for peace within the nightmare, where beauty and humor exist in the grotesque and the extraordinary. In worlds where a two-headed circus monkey can merrily parade around on a rusted bicycle and dead animals consume their own flesh, these animated environments grant physical presence to disturbing, almost sinister material. By creating charming diminutive monsters and scenes of violence masked by humor, I reduce elements born of childhood fears into manageable portions.

Mixing traditional methods with digital technology, my animated films involve antique toys, dolls, taxidermy animals, prosthetics, live worms, meat, and very flexible puppets of clay and leather. These characters are sideshow abominations malleable in structure for articulate motion. Tuscar, the blind three-legged star of two films is currently basking in the peace of retirement, feeling most at home on a white pedestal. While Smonk, Reptile Girl and the rest share a love for the gallery spectacle, all my puppets ruthlessly covet future roles on projected celluloid. I try to stay out of it. Stage blood is impossible to clean out of carpet.

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