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Tilman-Otto Wagner

I am a passionate filmmaker, who loves working with visual materials (photography, moved pictures, visualised text, found footage, movie quotations) and sounds (music, human/animal voices, nature sounds) in a technological art context. On the cutting edge of video art and filmmaking, I write, conceptualize, act in, direct and edit my pieces of art for both connoisseurs and amateurs. Filmmaking is about the creation of genuine, unique works of art, which depict both aesthetically and contentwise the audio-visual reality and meta level of life at the same time. By means of technological reproductions of real life patterns, I use the narrative structures and drama strategies of cinema movies together with the inventive forms and experimental techniques of video art in order to create new aesthetical forms, ideas and symbolic/spiritual values. My video art films express in the context of art history the ideal creative freedom of the human mind and its permanent quest for truth, beauty, love, realization and immortality.

Since 2001, I wrote, acted in, conceptualized, directed, cutted, produced and collaborated in numerous short films, TV productions, documentaries, film essays, concept art works, biopics, live scorings, video installations, trailers and video art films together with befriended and associated professional and amateur cameramen, lighting and sound technicians, cuttors and actors in Romania, England, Holland, Mexico, Spain and Austria.

Short film credits

Image from Dziga Vertov "Man with a Movie Camera" Live Scoring

Dziga Vertov "Man with a Movie Camera" Live Scoring

Austria | Mar 2013 | 3:50
Dziga Vertov's "The Man With the Movie Camera" is being set to music live on stage. Improvisation and performance frame the cinematic-musical evening ...
Image from London: Fashion City

London: Fashion City

Austria | Jun 2009 | 9:40
A big variety of street fashion trends and styles from Camden and Soho are being juxtaposed with cultural and scientific settings of different art ins...
Image from Working Worlds

Working Worlds

Austria | May 2009 | 3:17
In one of the biggest district heating plants of Vienna: Fernwärme Wien Spittelau, trash is being combusted and recycled into district heating.
Image from In the Course of Life

In the Course of Life

Austria | Sep 2005 | 7:29
The filmmaker is reflecting, creating and questioning the intersecting levels of reality and illusion, which spring from the spirit of cinematic form,...
Image from Electronic Love

Electronic Love

Austria | Jun 2002 | 10:51
A young man is being swallowed up by the wicked meanders of the Internet.
Image from Short Film. No Title

Short Film. No Title

Austria | Jan 2002 | 14:13
The outbreak of the individual from the hermetic inorganic existential biosphere as a Kafkaesque metaphor for the quest for meaning in a world, in whi...
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