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Fabrice Mathieu

Passionate about cinema, Fabrice Mathieu started studying at the French Film school ESRA while making his first short films in Super 8 and video. From his initial encounters a new group was born "Mauvaises Graines (Bad Seeds)" composed of actors, directors and musicians. Together they created pastiches based on commercials, trailers, television and movies of the 90s while working on different concepts of programming content for the small screen. He later co-directed the short film Reality Toon "Dr Kill & Mr Chance". He has been sharing his love of movie soundtracks on the airwaves for over ten years on the Valley FM radio show "7eme Symphonie". Following the tender of Matthieu Kassovitz for his film "Babylon AD", he directed "Eau de Mars (Water on Mars)", a futuristic commercial selected and integrated into the movie. Increasingly attracted by imagination, he wrote his first feature film script called "Dans l’Ombre (In the Shadow)", a film noir with shadows. He directed a short film to promote this project. Then he met the artist Marc Giai-Miniet and discovered his art through Philippe Giai-Miniet, actor and nephew of the painter. Both attracted by the universe of the plastic artitst, they created the short film "Memoire Vives (Memorium)" which tells the journey of a deceased in the afterlife.

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Director, Screenwriter, Camera Operator, Editor, Sound, Compositor
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Mémoires Vives

France | May 2012 | 13:24
After the death, what happens? Where do we go? A man journeys into the Afterlife.
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