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Ruben Vandersteen

Unlike the date stated on his official birth certificate, Ruben Vandersteen was born halfway the noughties, in December’s dark, listening to Bob Dylan’s I was young when I left home. Not quite having the same bravery as his favorite bard, but nevertheless feeling a shared anxiety to see what’s out there and to transform that discovery into something beautiful, he knew times were about to change. Leaving behind a rather dull provincial town at Belgium’s border, a life in mathematics & science and the remains of his first love, he sought refuge in the heart of the country: Brussels. Wishing he could capture some of the world’s immense beauty, but having no noteworthy skills in painting, dancing, singing or writing, film school seemed a good option. Some five years later, he proudly graduated from art school with his first short film under his arm, a melancholic tale about a young fashion model, missing his home.

In spite of the growing boyhood nostalgia his not so fictitious protagonist and himself shared, Ruben soon after left his home country for the brewing beaches of Morocco. Currently living with his girlfriend in Rabat, he’s exploring life once more.

Short film credits


Le Temps Déborde

Belgium | Nov 2012 | 23:40
A young man named Serge tries to find his way within the world of modeling. Sterile photo shoots, lonely hotel rooms and loose relationships dominate ...
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