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Federico Dib

Born and Raised in Caracas - Venezuela. (1976)

Studied Education in the UCAB, worked as a Instuctional Designer.
Played guitar and sang in venezuelan hardcore band Juan Peyote.

In 1999 Went to Barcelona Spain to study filmmaking at IDEP and later CECC (from which he dropped out).
Stayed in Spain for almost a decade working on several short films as a producer, writer, director, music composer, camera operator, or whatever was needed.

In 2008 returned to Caracas, and after a 4 year hiatus from filmmaking, heard "the call of the wild" again and resumed his storytelling career with Zacarías 14:12.

Short film credits

Director, Producer
Image from Zacarías 14:12

Zacarías 14:12

Venezuela | Sep 2012 | 16:31
Four secluded survivors of a terrible pandemic, have to make a choice when they find out apocalypse has begun.
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