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Michael Hayes

I spend my days roofing houses under the searing South Carolina sun. I am married and have two boys.

Since life is a menagerie of moments, I am not concerned with traditional plots and story lines. Instead, I am interested in a more impressionistic and layered series of images and sounds that represent something in my subconscious.

After reading the Albert Camus quote, "I think my life is of great importance, but I also think it is meaningless," I could not get the images of a preacher, a drag queen and a woman out of my mind. I had to see the images placed together. So, with no budget, no camera and no idea what to expect I set out to make "If A Tree Falls."

Thanks to or because of willing friends and a borrowed camera, "If A Tree Falls" became a reality.

I hope that there is something about the film that others will connect with, but that is now out of my control. I was true to my original idea and that is enough for me.

I recently finished a short book (or as I think of it, a small story) titled "The Color of Things."

My only other film credit is as co-producer and co-director with Christopher Lockett on the documentary "World of Hurt: The Gary 'Two Crow' Mono Story."

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If a Tree Falls

United States | May 2012 | 16:10
A preacher, a drag queen and a blonde separately confront their loneliness by trying to hold onto the fading value of their self-worth.
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