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Kasper Rune Larsen

My name is Kasper Rune Larsen, I am an independant film director and cinematographer. My passion for film sparked at the age of 12 when i made my first short film, a "western" where two duelists shot each other at the same time and both died. The following years I made gruesome horror films inspired by Peter Jacksons Bad Taste and Braindead. It wasn't till I watched A Clockwork Orange at the age of 15 that I realised film could actually be a piece of art.

I find my inspiration in photography, landscapes, cinamotography, people, paintings, sculptures etc. The stories are a slice of life, my own for the most part. What makes my films different from most directors is my way of trying to tell the stories through the camera and the composed universe. A universe that has to be real, that means no CGI or green screens, I never understood how you can relate to something animated, it's a mystery to me how you can feel anything watching an animated bridge blow up - knowing its all just computer generated. Things must be real before you can have emotions for them.

I dont like to play it safe, things are not going to change if we don't take risks, so failing horribly at trying something new is still a hundred times better than making something good by playing it safe. It's about time we start focusing on making great films instead easy digestible blockbuster with box office sucess. I promise to do whatever I can to change the sad sad direction filmmaking has taken.

Kasper Rune Larsen

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