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Arnaud Sadowski

Born on May 17th in Metz (France) Arnaud Sadowski is a writer and director. He discovers a passion for the cinema when he is still very young. Indeed, he spends much time (between 12 and 18) in a small movie theater near his family home. After studying cinema and theater in University, he decided to move to paris to try one's luck. In 2011, he decide to find a director of photography to carry out his short film "Reperages/Silence(s)/Moteur/Action" (film divided in 4 segments) and meet Loïc Paillard with whom he works on one of them. This association is rapidly transforming into a true friendship and noting that they share the same vision of cinema; Arnaud purpose to Loïc to co-sign the segment "Moteur". After these two experiences, he writes with Loïc the script of "Mademoiselle", a silent movie shot in one night in Paris. In 2012, he co-sign with Loïc, under the name Paillowski Brothers) a new "guerilla movie" entitled "Her Name is Crazy". Currently, Arnaud develops differents scenarios with Loïc, whose adaptation of "Her Name is Crazy" in feature film and they plan to shoot the two missing segments of their project.

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Her Name is Crazy

France | May 2012 | 19:10
"It is not the destination, but the journey that matters. You probably think I'm crazy to be lying on that road... and you may be right. Loosing my mi...
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