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Luce Cote-Colisson

Luce and Lucie are secretly hoping to revolutionize the world of animation to make money. If ever it does not work, they could still try to revolutionize the world of graphic design, comics, illustration or film because they like that too.
If it didn't work either, they will become alcoholics and then commit suicide.
Oh, and Luce & Lucie almost have the same name and were almost born on the same day, but it's a coincidence, swear.
They are both French, but prefer living in Belgium because it's more "comical" (they say).

Short film credits


Un Miracle, S'il Vous Plait Monsieur

Belgium | Sep 2011 | 11:00
A mysterious miracle makes the whole town go crazy and steals the spotlight from Boggey, one of the greatest miracle-workers of the world.
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