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Fritz Joseph

Screenwriting, Producer, Director and learning
I love the arts and applying my self along with my teammate's experiences to make music video's, television shows, and many other forms of mixed media.
I'm a US Veteran who wants to work with like-minded people, who posses an adoration for the arts I'm all in.
I work with FreeTo Productions, LLC. Based in North East Florida's First Coast.

To a friend

To tel you the truth I didn't know that I was either, after HS I went into the army and the visuals that I saw was too crazy for me to see the world in the same way again. I was a medic in an infantry unit on the ground in afghan right after 911 two years later then Iraq, so I saw a lot of crazy stuff, I also was around a lot of different types of people, backgrounds, and characters: form Africans, Koreans, to straight country rednecks but when i got out i I didn't go back to MIA I ended up in Tx, the Jacksonville I didn't know what to get into, I thought Acting, and mimicking all the different types of people I met in my time in service and life. At work one of the exec's saw me drawing and turned out to be a Ai recruiter as well. I was persuaded into the Ai in the old Omni mall MIA, and was supposed to go for art, but when i found out that they had a film program: I thought If I learn how to Prod/Dir it would make me a better actor because I would have a better idea of what they would want from me. So I did that. It didn't work .I thought the Gi bill would help me out but it didn't, after two semesters They locked me out, but I had a taste of it and retained most of it. So I moved back to Jacksonville and with my first gig as an actor I was was taken out and placed into the Key PA position on a 4 stack/day project. I was blessed and from there on out I have been behind the camera and in FCut. The only reason I was in front this time was because my actor bailed at the last minute. The back up got locked up fighting his wife,

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