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Patrick Ryder

My name is Patrick Ryder, I am a film maker, working and living in London. I have worked as a DVD editor, designer for nearly 8 years and in 2010 wrote, directed, edited and produced my first short film feature 'Cerberus'. I have a real passion for film, all kinds of film. Something that started when I was younger and saw films such as Indiana Jones, Alien and Jaws. I've adapted and homed my skills over the past ten years. Designing for major studios such as the BBC and ITV. In Feb 2012, I completed work on my second short film feature 'Dark Horizon' which, as Cerberus did, got critical acclaim.

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United Kingdom | Nov 2010 | 36:30
Meet Coben. He has no past, no identity and his only memories are of the future. Waking in a cold, stark town and his only memories the things to come...
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