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Jon Manterola

Born in San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa – Basque Country) the 4th of August of 1980. He studied Fine Arts at the UPV (University of Basque Country) in Bilbao. Specialized in audiovisuals, post-production and production. He is also guitarrist in several bands, actually “Trigger Travis”, he is immersed in music projects for a lot of years. From 2000 to 2006 he makes and participates in all kind of short films, artistic projects such as animation, photography and design.

In 2006, with Aitor Garcia, makes “Korna” their first short film. “Korna” was the name of the film production company that they created in 2009. In 2007 he works as production assistant in the film “La Buena Nueva” of Helena Tabernas.

After founding the production company he participates in a lot of short films, such as “Dialéctica”, “Naif”, and a music video of the famous band “Potato”. On November 2010 he works as production assistant in a spot of Camay for the agency H & C Leo Burnett of Beirut.

In 2011 he shots his documentary “El Wayku” in Peru and he also make several music and promotional videos for some bands such as "Acoustic Glorious", "Enekora", "Iban Nikolai" and "Lizana Group".

Actually he is working in various projects, a documentary in post-production about Princess Koroma, one of most importants persons in the peace process of Sierra Leona in the 90’s, a fiction film in pre-production based on Basque Countries history at IV century and he also is starting to make sessions as video jockey in some clubs and shooting visuals in a “music-visual” project with “Enekora” as well.

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El Wayku

Spain | Aug 2011 | 34:23
The Wayku is a Quechua native community located on the city of Lamas, in the Peruvian amazon jungle. Through history they have suffered marginalizatio...
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