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Daryl Ball

Hello to everyone that has taken their time to read this, I'm Daryl Ball and I'm an aspiring young filmmaker who has just finished his final year studying film and television at Southampton Solent University, achieving a 2:1 in the process.

A lot of you may be thinking what makes this young man any different to the numerous students that have come out of university with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the 2:1 level?

I personally believe that I have a drive like non-other, I have been fully committed to making films, in particular documentaries, for the last 5 or 6 years. People that I have worked with have often commented on how enthusiastic I am and on frequent occasions manage and co-ordinate productions to a reasonable standard when working with people who lacked any form of commitment.

To showcase how much potential myself and others think I have, I will upload my final university project in due course. If you wish to see a description of the film and the reception it received along with award nominations please check out the film profile section.

My love of film has grown up with me in all honesty, from viewing films such as toy story in my infant years through to films such as Taxi Driver, Memento and the critically acclaimed new film, Senna. All have had a huge impact on my path within film, from my love of editing short films and documentaries to my work with university publications such as Diegesis: Cut to where I have been contributing articles since its inception and work on the board of editors.

Apart from that I'm not sure what to say, I like playing sports and being as active as I can possibly be and that I've never been amazing at filling out anything entitled "personal biography".

However if you would like to find out more and are interested in any of my work you can email me on my address which can be found on this page, I'm always willing to answer any questions.

Thank you

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United Kingdom | May 2011 | 16:20
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