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Darek Kowal

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Darek Kowal is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and actor. Darek began his career at Butler University as a theater major, where he received several talent based scholarships totaling over $10,000/semester. After one year at Butler, Darek transferred to Columbia College Chicago where he graduated with a B.A. in Film with a concentration in screenwriting. In the spring of 2010, Darek's first and second feature length screenplays, the film noir Turn, and the romantic comedy Will You Marry Me? were finalists in the Written Image Screenwriting Contest. Turn took home first place and a $1250 cash prize, while Will You Marry Me? came in second, winning a $500 prize. Darek's third feature length screenplay Life After was a finalist in the Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition, placing in the top 30 out of 3,550 entries. As a result of its high placing, Life After was requested by several production companies, including Sony Pictures, White Water Films, and Renfold Productions. In the fall of 2010, Darek was singled out of the entire Film Department to be Columbia's nominee for the WGAE's Michael Collyer Fellowship, an award given to one of ten total nominees in the country. In February of 2011, Darek's first independent film, Body Of Christ, won the Albert P. Weisman Award and a $500 cash prize. The award is given out by a committee to recognize projects that deserve additional funding to aid in completion. Darek currently lives in Glendale, California and is pursuing a career as a writer/director/actor. His ultimate goal is to expand his production company, A Family Name, and produce independent feature films.

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