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Eddy Falconer

I started making work by experimenting on myself as a character, staging myself in photographs and short films, and getting friends to participate in similar, group efforts. Then I began to do subcultural caricature studies, documentaries, and book-like collages, including my own texts. Simultaneously I studied the work of design for the stage. Later on, I was the assistant director at a 300 seat multimedia avant-garde theater for several years and began to pick up some digital tools on my own. So I made a few more movies in digital, each time upping the ante from the picture before, from silent to sound, from improvised to using a screenplay, and so on. Design for theater as I originally learned it involved painting, drawing, and other analog skills, and when I animate, in part I am going back to that, bringing non-digital creations into the virtual world I encountered at the projection-based multi-media venue. I base the backgrounds and characters of my animations on original concepts for dramas rather than preexisting plays. Sometimes I combine these with live action, and the result is an experimental short like "Personal REVolts". The future of my work will be more movies, and maybe sculptural efforts, i.e. installations involving solid matter as well as the fleeting motion picture. Plus I’m definitely planning works for the actual stage. In the short term, I create the smaller building blocks of these and clarify projects as they spring up.

I’ve won some awards for the videos (in 2011 and 2007), had a couple of years reading the writing aloud and taping others on the live underground circuit in San Francisco, and co-founded an international web-based group for people with bipolar diagnosis. I spoke on performance and madness at Oxford University in 2008.

Short film credits

Image from Spineless Deities

Spineless Deities

United States | Aug 2013 | 3:58
Bushes flower in 'real time'. The ominous buzz of insects cuts across the soundscape. Primordial insect-like forms float across the panorama of vague ...

Personal REVolts

United States | Mar 2011 | 7:22
Gender-bent, assumed identities step beyond the bounds of acceptable political and social roles, referencing self-presentations against the grain.
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