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Artan Maku

Born in Tirana in 1954. He graduated from the Department of Painting at Tirana’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1980. Since then, he has written 10 screnplays as an author and has 21 films to his credit.
- 2010 - 2011 - 2012 General Director & Artistic Director -International Festival of Animated Film for children "AniFestRozafa"

Short film credits


The Freedom

Albania | Nov 2011 | 15:10
They were rushing towards the feast “The Great Freedom" and the Media were writing that the societies of tame animals are free in the mountains.
Director, Producer
Image from Liria Madhe

Liria Madhe

Albania | Jan 2011 | 15:10
Tame animals gathered and started to complain for the inconveniences caused by the society of the aliens (the human society), denying their right to f...
1 award

Esenca Jetes

Albania | Feb 2010 | 13:00
The light, as the touch of a divine power comes and wakes up a key. That moment he feels for the first time loneliness. The keyhole as his other half,...
1 award
Image from Kamioni


Albania | Jun 2009 | 11:00
Between the present and the past of a passionate man, it is his memories which keep alive his dream, desire, and passion, that will chase him beyond r...
Director, Producer
Image from Divi Dhe Gjahtari

Divi Dhe Gjahtari

Albania | Mar 2008 | 4:52
When man is guided by evil, he can’t discern the good, the sincerity and the naivity. But he revenges with cynicism and is always destined to suffer h...
Image from Bishtprera


Albania | Dec 2007 | 10:00
In a foxes forest, something funny happened. The banal incident of the foxtail changes all the sincer relationship among foxes.
Image from Butterfly


Albania | Dec 2007 | 9:30
An young painter girl, after a phone call, is going to meet her lover at their intimate meeting place. Is it true, all what's happen with the girl fan...


Albania | Dec 2007 | 7:00
Tsunami represents an enormous force able to destroy nature, as intrigues destroy the human conscience.
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