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James Tracy

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Image from Five Needles

Five Needles

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 13:44
Four deaf Jewish women strive to find security and peace within the confines and routine of a Nazi sewing factory.
Image from Admit None

Admit None

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 12:29
For two deaf colleagues, a trip to the cinema results in a surreal hunt for the subtitles missing from the film they have paid to watch.
Image from Coda


United Kingdom | May 2011 | 10:07
Over 3 decades, a deaf girl struggles to come to terms with her place in a hearing family.
Image from Jump and Shoot

Jump and Shoot

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 6:38
A Lithuanian born father strives to pass on his illustrious basketball legacy on to his daughter.
Image from Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 11:56
Aided by a network of friends and refugee charity, a deaf Afghan refugee fights for his right to stay in the UK.
Image from Otherside


United Kingdom | May 2011 | 18:54
In an insurance office, Calin awakes to find that all is not well in the workplace. Who are those two people that are hanging around and just why is e...

The End

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 23:50
After the introduction of a treatment in the 1980s, aimed at eradicating deafness, the very survival of deaf language and culture is at stake.
Image from The Painting

The Painting

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 6:00
At the far end of a desolate beach, a painter’s solitude is disturbed by the appearance of a mysterious woman. At first angry at the interruption, the...
Image from Chasing Cotton Clouds

Chasing Cotton Clouds

United Kingdom | May 2011 | 24:00
A young boy creates a fantasy world to help cope with the alienation he feels at home and at school.
Image from Baya'a El Ward

Baya'a El Ward

Palestine | Jan 2011 | 18:00
In a refugee camp in Palestine, Abu el Ward sells flowers at the funerals of martyrs, earning a meagre living from the conflict. But he has a secret, ...
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A Deaf Life
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The Vanishing
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