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Gastón Vizcarra Olivares

Gastón Vizcarra (Lima, 1976) began his approach towards fiction as a highly reputed teenage theater actor, at age 16. He carried out his theater acting career for 5 years, being directed by the top Peruvian theater directors. He entered Peruvian Film Director Francisco Lombardi’s crew in 1996 an worked his way up form runner, to Lombardi’s AD in the award-winning "Tinta Roja" (2000). He has also pursued screenwriting and has written two premiered feature films, one of those screenplays was awarded First Prize in the National Film Commission’s Annual Film Project awards ("Django", 2001).

As a Director, Vizcarra has directed Tv Commercials for 6 years, and his latest short film, “Ukuku” is currently being shown ate many international film festivals, having already won 5 important Peruvian and International awards.

Vizcarra is Professor of Audiovisual Technique at Universidad de Lima, Peru.

He is currently in preproduction of his opera prima feature film project: “Ukukus, Ekekekos, Pishtacos & Lanlacos”, this project has recently won the National Film Commission production funding contest in 2010.

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Peru | Nov 2009 | 20:00
Ukuku must retrieve sacred ice from the Andes. When he finds none, he begins a quest. In the coast he will find ice and an unexpected destiny.
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