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If you are are a producer or filmmaker with a new short film, or otherwise involved in promoting or selling short films, Short Film Central can help you in several ways. Use your short film profile to promote your films and announce your awards and upcoming screenings. Find the best film festivals and events for your new short films and connect with others in the short film industry. You can show your film or trailer on your film profile, and if you're selling or licensing your short films, you can provide details of how people can buy or licence them.

Promote your short films

You can promote your short films with film profiles including the synopsis, credits, screenings, awards, technical details, still images, a trailer and contact details. You can also show the whole film if you wish. With our search engine, people can search for short films by title or subject, country, year of completion, film type and categories, and most other details, so the more details you enter, the more likely your film will be found by interested events and fans. It is free to add your film profiles and you can choose to upgrade them for additional promotional benefits.

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Announce your awards and upcoming screenings

When you have new awards to announce, you can add them to your film profile. Recent awards are announced in our news feed and can be highlighted on the home page.

When your film has been selected for screening by a film festival or other short film screening event, you can add the screening to your film profile. Films with upcoming screenings are listed on the home page.

Update your short film profile

Find the best film festivals and events

There are thousands of film festivals and other events screening short films around the world (currently we have 3612 active events listed), but which ones are most suitable for your films, or for promoting your films or your career? From your film profile, you can instantly search for events with matching criteria. With our search engine, you can easily find events by location or type, entry deadline, entry fee and other participation details, and see a filmmaker rating for each event. You can contribute your own rating for events which have screened your film, and to be notified of new calls for entries, you can subscribe to our weekly email newsletter or our news feed.

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Make your short films available

If your short films are available to buy online, or on DVD, Blu-ray or other formats, you can provide those details on your film profiles. If you handle your own sales, your contact is listed on your film profile. If products are available elsewhere online, we may be able to link to those products from your film profile.

Available short films

Find industry contacts

Our international short film database is continually updated by filmmakers posting details of their short films, and by events announcing their calls for entries. All users have a personal profile which includes their contact details. More contacts can be found on company and event profiles, which can also include a list of the company's staff.

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