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If you're involved in the exhibition of short films, Short Film Central can help you to promote your event, find the best and latest short films, invite films and accept submissions. New short film profiles are added every day and we have thousands of subscribers to our weekly Calls for entries newsletter, our news and social feeds.

Promote your event

You can list your event profile which includes the location, event description, logo, a link to your website, a list of staff, and contact details. There is a sub-page for each edition, which includes a list of films screened, any awards, and participation details for upcoming editions. It is free to list your event, and you can choose to upgrade your profile for additional promotional benefits.

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Announce your call for entries

If you have a call for entries, you can display all your participation details on your event profile. With our search engine, filmmakers can search for events by name, location, screening dates, entry deadlines and all other eligibility criteria.

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Find and invite the latest and best short films

From your event profile, you can instantly search for short films which match your participation details. With our search engine, you can easily search for short films by completion date, film type, categories, techniques, running time, languages, screening formats and other eligibility criteria.

Available only to events is a Screen section on film profiles, where you can invite films to screen at your event and download film data.

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Accept short film submissions and manage your entries

Our short film submission service is available to events which don't charge entry fees to filmmakers. You can use our submission service to accept submissions, request preview materials, invite films to screen, select films for your program and announce your official selection. You can accept films for multiple categories, check eligibility, manage your list by entry status, group films into programs, and preview total running times. Email requests and notifications are sent automatically, and all film data can be downloaded in convenient spreadsheet formats. You can preview our submission service when you have added the participation details for your next edition.

Manage film entries

Announce your short film award winners

When your event has finished, we encourage you to list your short film awards on your event profile. The latest awards can be listed on our home page, and your event can be highlighted on the Events home page. When you add your awards, you also earn a discount on your next Event promotion and Event membership subscription.

Announce awards

Find industry contacts

Our international short film database is continually updated by filmmakers posting details of their short films and others listing their film schools, production and distribution companies etc. All users have a personal profile which includes their contact details. More contacts can be found on company profiles, which can also include a list of the company's staff.

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