About Short Film Central

Short Film Central was started in 2005 to help filmmakers promote their short films. Since then, our international short film database has been updated daily by filmmakers, film schools, distributors, exhibitors and others in the short film industry. Short Film Central continues to grow into one of the most useful resources on the internet for information on short films, the people who make them, and the events which screen them.

As well as providing a hub for industry collaboration, a major goal of Short Film Central is to help extend the life of short films, which so often ends after their initial 1-2 year festival run. Film owners can show their films or trailers on their short film profiles, and film fans can request short films which are not yet available. Our custom search engine makes it easy to search for short films by name, topic, genre and many other criteria, and filmmakers can search for suitable festivals from the thousands of listed events.

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