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What is Short Film Central?

Short Film Central is a hub for anyone who is involved with or interested in short films. It is based on a database of short films, the people and companies who make and promote them and the events which screen them, which is continually contributed to by users all around the world. The website provides access to search, view and edit the information, as well as many features to help promote short films and encourage industry collaboration.

Our search engine is custom-built for easily finding the short films, events, people and companies in the database, and our home pages, news feed and newsletters keep you up to date with the latest short film awards, calls for entries and screening announcements.

Filmmakers can use their profiles to promote their films from the time they are completed, through the year or two of festival screenings, and then to keep the film available afterwards. Film owners can show their films directly on their film profiles, and can indicate if their short films are available to buy on DVD or Blu-ray.
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Film festivals and other short film screening events can post the details of their upcoming editions and announce their calls for entries, and can announce their short film awards afterwards. 
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