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Navin Prabhakar plays Ayush Khanna, a man who is involved in a hit and run accident. Yet, he doesn't stop for the victim. He returns home to find out his son's missing...

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1:34 in the AM
09 OCTOBER 2008

The Concept:

The concept came to me on a lazy afternoon as I sat back in editing chair, discussing the harsh realities that one has to face doing nothing. I had a script in my head back then. It was a badly written female-centric drama that involved no dialogue and if it were to be made, wouldn’t involve the audience either.

My girlfriend, all pretty and pink-faced, smiling at her lover’s lovable laziness commented that I should probably start reading short stories and look for ideas. The sheer audacity of the notion that I would plagiarize was both disturbing and intriguing. I sat up in my chair.

I looked at her. She responded blankly; all pretty and pink-faced.
I asked her if she had a story in mind, in a demanding tone. She was caught off-guard. After a few “hmm…’s” and “err…’s”, the answer was a text book chapter that she had read a couple of years back in college. The chapter was in one of her “Hindi Rapid Readers.”
I thought of entertaining the narration to escape the self-confrontation and interrogative introspection that I was setting up for myself. The story revolved around a man, a cab driver who carried fare from Pune to Mumbai. He drove through the night and got them to their destination by day-break. Now, one night, there’s an accident. The car, while on the highway, collides with a pedestrian. The cab driver drives away, too afraid to stop, even though the passengers demand for him to.
The twist, although expected, is that when the cab driver returns from his daily journey from Mumbai, he finds his inconsolable family mourning the death of his young son who met with an accident on the highway.

So, I worked on the story in my head. I carved out a neat screenplay in ten-odd minutes. I sat up further in my chair. I had the concept. The only thing that was left to do was to make the damn thing.
Car, Accident, Navin, Prabhakar, child, hit and run, guilt, fear, suspense, love, family, tension




Copyright © 2008 Bahaish Kapoor

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