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And Then She Was Gone

A young woman meets a mysterious older woman in a park. She engages the woman in conversation and finds that the woman is both the key to her past and the mystery of her future. Inspired by Italian cinema, the films quality is that of a dream, set to the backdrop of Spanish moss, and a town textured with ghosts and nostalgia. The message of the film is simple: life is sometimes too short and bittersweet.

Film notes

“And Then She Was Gone” is a narrative short filmed in Savannah, GA.

When one sets out to make a film, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is why? Why make the film in the first place? We don’t think it’s an easy question to answer, and we pondered it for some time. Obviously, if you don’t have much to say, why would you make the film. I guess we found we had much to say, but in the end we discovered our purpose of making this film was to challenge our audiences to think and feel. It might sound like a simple answer, but it’s not. Why? Again, there’s the word. Well, because you have to pay attention when you watch it. There’s much symbolism and much subtext here.

Don’t pay attention and you might miss it, or perhaps you might want to watch it again because you were intrigued, and had questions…of course we’d love that, and it seems like that’s what’s happening….we’ve engaged people. Our favorite films are those that make you think…Wild Strawberries, The Conformist, The Fountain, Miller’s Crossing…movies that get better with each viewing…where each viewing opens another door. We hope that when you watch “And Then She Was Gone” you might find yourself asking questions not just about the film, but about yourself, and the relationships that were most important to you. The people that touched you the most, and why it seems there’s that one special time in our lives that we always go back to.


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Previous screenings

1 Feb – 15 Feb | Jersey City, United States
2 Apr – 6 Apr | Vail, United States
4 Apr – 6 Apr | Asbury Park, United States
4th San Francisco International Women's Film Festival | 2008
9 Apr – 13 Apr | San Francisco, United States
24 Apr – 1 May | Dallas, United States
16 Jun – 21 Jun | Toronto, Canada
19 Jun – 21 Jun | St Paul, United States
25 Jun – 29 Jun | Avignon, United States
17 Jul – 26 Jul | Stony Brook, United States
5 Aug – 10 Aug | Providence, United States
15 Aug – 21 Aug | Hollywood, United States
29 Aug – 1 Sep | Boulder, United States
4 Sep – 7 Sep | Rome, United States
21 Nov – 23 Nov | Cape May, United States
3 Dec – 7 Dec | Santa Fe, United States
24 Feb – 1 Mar | Sedona, United States
26 Mar – 29 Mar | Kent, United States
23 Apr – 26 Apr | Memphis, United States

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