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The Baba and the Babes

The Baba aged more than 50+ years old. Who teach high philosophy and spirituality and religion about India and Indian culture? It’s a Complete satire.
But by heart he is a mother fucker person. He exploit beautiful women from around the world not only Indian.
He also has strong connection with Indian Politicians due to beautiful women. Baba gives tips to Politicians and others.
He has some connection with strong muscle man in the area where he has his Temple (Ashram) where he Practice Yoga, Meditation and teach fake philosophy of life.
One evening he pre-plans one party for the Politician friend. All his temple women dressed beautifully and decorated the temple for the Guest of honor to Politician.
In the back of the stage his strong muscle men are smashing sleeping tablets to put in the wine for the women. Then Baba and Politician and others friend make profit to exploit women.
In this Ashram one beautiful girl from Europe who came to learn something mystiques of India. She and her newly close friend Miss. Priya also trapped here.
Miss. Sara and Miss. Priya left the temple by the back doors.
Baba and other women caught by the local Police.
Sara just finished writing her Diary about mystiques India and fake Baba in her room in Paris.
“Oh! Thanks God! The moment we consider others, we are no longer our self.”

Film notes

I came to India to prepare my feature film project between India and Europe and then I have seen so many things are happening in same time in the Film Industry and in social life in India.
I m originally Indian but based in Paris long time and I can see the both culture and systems. I feel sad for my native land. Here people say so many things but they are not doing the same. They are proud themselves but still they are in backward .Their mind is not developed but they have so much resources.
I make a choice of making one short film immediately on "Baba’s so called Guru in India. They are telling so many good dialogues and hypnotized people and mysticism .It's really kind of awareness for western people who come for study and get in touch with such mystique, spiritual, philosophy, beauty, discovering another country like everyone , and then they get in trapped with fake Babas in India.
It’s a global issue now!
Not be aware of Dogs ...Just be aware of all Babas in India.




Copyright © 2010 Kajal Choudhury of KK Productions

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