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Il Posto Vuoto

In a fairy-like and magic forest, a young giant loses his most important thing: a little girl who lived inside an old hollow tree. Obsessed with her absence, the giant makes the wish to become as small as a dwarf to fill the empty place left in the tree where once stood the little girl.

Film notes

“Il Posto Vuoto” was born from my passion for the fantastic and fairy-tale type of narrative. My desire was to take on a melancholic and grotesque story, heavily influenced by classic fables by Brothers Grimm & Perrault, using environments and characters typical of those stories - through the use of elements such as the woods, giants and dwarves. My aim was to bring back the taste & flavour of the old illustrated storybooks, letting the viewer in a poetic, enchanted fantasy where everything goes back to distant, forgotten places. Places often visited by a child before he falls asleep. An extended dream, which tends to require more emotional involvement, demanding an active participation from the viewer's side – as for an illustration of one’s favorite fairy tale. The result is a film whose suggestions provoke the ability to find the ultimate true meaning of the narration, dusting off a world made up of forgotten places and helpless characters, a vehicle to help rediscover - through irony and melancholy - a faded childhood.




Copyright © 2007 Paolo Gaudio

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Previous screenings

16 May – 26 May | Cannes, France
Short Films - Rome Film Fest
13 Oct – 21 Oct | Rome, Italy
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival | 2008
28 Feb – 6 Mar | New York, United States
16 May – 17 May | Cuveglio, Italy
La Cittadella del Corto: Festival Internazionale del Corto di Fiction | 2008
28 May – 1 Jun | Trevignano, Italy
28 Jun – 30 Jun | Sassari, Italy
29 Jul – 10 Aug | Porto Alegre, Brazil
11 Sep – 15 Sep | Sapporo, Japan
12 Sep – 21 Sep | Milano, Italy
WT Os International Film Festival
5 Nov – 9 Nov | Os, Norway
Calaveras Film Festival | 2009
29 May – 31 May | Murphys, United States
24 Sep – 3 Oct | Milan, Italy
19 Mar – 21 Mar | Orvieto, Italy

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