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Attack of the Aliens

When an Alien warship picks up radio signals whilst entering our Galaxy, it can lead to only one thing …certain doom for Mankind!
The Aliens trace the signals straight back to Earth, where the Alien leader plans to enslave the Humans, harvest the planets minerals, and then, destroy the planet!
The ‘War-Star’s crew of ‘Ha’Vni’ warriors - ‘Ta’Kwn’, ‘Ag’Nzk’, ‘Boy’, and ‘Haggis McPants’, are ruled with an iron fist by their glorious leader, ‘King Alastair’.
The King demands, the loyalty and blind devotion of his crew, and knows that they would gladly sacrifice their lives for his plans of Universal conquest .. as long as it doesn’t conflict with their Tea break.



Copyright © 2010 Edge Haine Productions

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