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From on High

A Syrian refugee girl and a European boy combine religious forms to create a functioning secular peace.

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More people were forced from their homes by conflict last year than any time since World War II. "The relentless civil war in Syria and a surge of South Sudanese fleeing the collapse of peace efforts in their country helped propel the global population of displaced people to a record in 2016, [per] the United Nations refugee agency: 65.6 million — 300,000 higher than in 2015, which had been the highest since World War II.” (N.Y. Times' Rick Gladstone)

However, now when the need is the greatest, ‘first world’ governments in Europe and the United States have become increasingly resistant to accepting these refugees. Shame on us.

My film relies heavily on drone cinematography, to represent the terrors that so many people in Syria have had to endure “from on high”…from the Assad regime and both its allies and its foes who have all ordered strikes from the air, affecting “good” and “bad” Syrians indiscriminately.

After our protagonist Sanaa (the name means “Brilliance” in Arabic; “Art” in Swahili) finds a new life in Europe, she soon learns that not all things “from on high” are to be feared. One day, she looks up to see a rainbow kite in the sky! It’s being flown by Oriol, a European boy. When the kite catches a bad current and ends up crashed against a fence, Sanaa runs to help Oriol rescue his toy. Unable to make the rainbow kite fly again, Oriol takes Sanaa with him to a manual arts school where he knows they have the tools to fix the kite. There, they come up against a group of teachers who speak/understand a variety of European languages but who unfortunately represent the fear and prejudice that have blocked so many Syrians from finding peaceful refuge. Frustrated with the childishness of my own country’s president, I was moved to make a film celebrating the ingenuity of the childlike. Using imagination uninhibited by adult dogma, Sanaa & Oriol combine forms from their respective ancestral religious traditions to create a new kite that brings them joy.
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Current and upcoming screenings

25 Jan – 10 Feb | Seattle, United States

Previous screenings

Festival del Cinema Corto Corrente | 2017
20 Nov – 25 Nov | Fiumincino, Italy
Muestra Internacional de Cortometraje Solidario y Sensibilizacion de Ciudad Real | 2017
20 Nov – 30 Nov | Ciudad Real, Spain

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