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'Clean' is an urban love story about those odd, occasional people who enter your life casually and yet leave an undeliable mark. When Mariel falls into Peter's life, he becomes diverted from his routine of serial dating and mindless trysts to discover a heretofore, unfelt desire to nest.

Film notes

I wrote 'Clean' to describe a desire to live free and in the moment. I wanted to portray this story through the eyes of a man who becomes enraptured. It was necessary to feel the change from the outside, to experience the whirlwind of Mariel through Peter’s sensation. It is through this spirited encounter that Peter attains a greater self-awareness and though he is ultimately left alone, it is with a feeling of nostalgia, not regret.




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Previous screenings

Corta!: Porto International Short Film Festival
19 May – 21 May | Porto, Portugal
14 Jun – 19 Jun | Thredbo, Australia
20 Jun – 23 Jun | Long Island, United States
14 Jul – 21 Jul | Bellmore, Long Island, United States
12 Aug – 13 Aug | Lubbock, United States
15 Sep – 18 Sep | Eberswalde, Germany
18 Sep – 25 Sep | Sofia, Bulgaria
30 Sep – 2 Oct | Coney Island, United States
18 Oct – 22 Oct | St. John's, Canada
6 Nov – 13 Nov | Cleveland, United States
Cardiff Screen Festival
9 Nov – 19 Nov | Cardiff, United Kingdom
9 Nov – 13 Nov | Northampton, United States
7 Dec – 11 Dec | Santa Fe, United States
Borges en Curt: International Short Film Festival
15 Sep – 30 Sep | Lleida, Spain
28 Mar – 29 Mar | Rome, Italy

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