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Togoland - Échos d'Empires

From 1884 to 1914, "Togoland", a small belt of land between the British Gold Coast Colony and French-governed Dahomey was part of the German overseas empire in Africa. "Togoland" - 100 years later: fragments of a colonial legacy...

Film notes

"Togoland", the later Togo and the eastern part of today's Ghana, experienced the first German capitulation in the early days of WWI. European rule left its marks on people's minds, even more than a century after the forced pull-out of one of the major European players in the competitive "great colonial game" and more than half a century after the African Independences.
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Current and upcoming screenings

Émergence: Festival de Films Africains Émergents | 2017
22 Nov – 25 Nov | Lomé, Togo
Festival International du Cinema Numerique | 2017
6 Dec – 8 Dec | Cotonou, Benin

Previous screenings

FeSanCor: Chilean International Short Film Festival
25 Sep – 2 Oct | Santiago, Chile
Ranelagh Arts Festival | 2017
28 Sep – 8 Oct | Dublin, Ireland
Viennale | 2017
Vienna International Film Festival
19 Oct – 2 Nov | Vienna, Austria
25 Oct – 29 Oct | Blitta, Togo
Flensburg Short Film Festival
15 Nov – 19 Nov | Flensburg, Germany

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